Event Information:

  • Wed

    Future Proofing: Why we need long-term climate plans - Business and subnational leaders’ perspective on 2050 strategies

    Marrakech (Blue Zone - Room Dakhla)

    The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, We Mean Business

    Time: 16:30-17:00

    The Paris Agreement opens the door to the creation of new, science-based, longer term national strategies, capable of giving business and subnational governments a clear framework on which to plan future investments. These national strategies, with a horizon of 2050, will be essential to delivering the long-term vision of the Paris Agreement. They will influence the choices and pathways that will have to be made to build a fairer, more inclusive and resilient society. Business and subnational governments will be key to the transformation of our economies. As governments start elaborating their long-term climate strategies, it is important that they consider non-Party stakeholders in their development and implementation plans.

    The press conference will be opportunity to explain to the media why long-term national strategies are so essential as a necessary complement to the more short-term NDCs. It will help put the long-term view firmly on the COP22 agenda as we turn to the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Finally, this will also allow business and subnational leaders to present their own perspective on 2050 national plans, what they want to see included in the strategies and how they plan to help implement them.

    The press conference will take place as several announcements are expected, during the second week of COP22, on 2050 national plans. It will coincide with the launch of a new report by The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, detailing what business friendly long-term plans could look like.


    • Laurence Tubiana, High-level Champion for Climate
    • Ken Alex, Senior Advisor to Governor Brown of California
    • Thomas Spencer, Director, Climate Program, IDDRI
    • Thomas Lingard, Climate Advocacy & Sustainability Strategy Director, Unilever
    • Eliot Whittington, Deputy Director, CLG (and author of the report)
    • Moderator: Caroline Holtum, Communications Director, We Mean Business

    A press release will be issued at the time of the press conference, including quotes from participants.