Event Information:

  • Thu

    57th Strategy for Peace Conference


    Setting Climate Action Objectives for Pursuing the 1.5 C Target

    This roundtable will explore how climate action in pursuit of the 1.5 C target could impact geographies and sectors in practice. Participants will generate concrete ideas, in terms of policies and actions, and consider the geographical feasibility of their applications. In particular, participants will address several pressing questions:

    • What goals can the international climate change community set right now to remain compatible with the 1.5 C target?

    • What are critical policy choices that need to be made in the next several years to ensure the viability of 1.5 C pathways? What are the opportunities?

    • How can we make sure the 1.5 C target is relevant to mainstream economic and social conversations? What does the 1.5 C target mean for the next two years, particularly what messages should the international climate change community convey before the 2018 IPCC report?

    Chair: Andrew Higham, CEO, Mission 2020
    Roundtable Organizer: Rei Tang, Associate Program Officer


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