Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) and Climate Strategies launched in June 2016 a new, large-scale project, funded by KR Foundation, called ‘Coal Transitions: Research and Dialogue on the Future of Coal’.

The objective of this 2 year, multi-country project is to conduct research and policy dialogue on the issue of managing the transition within the coal sector in major coal using economies, as is required if climate change is to be successfully limited to 2C. Its purpose is to support a just and orderly phase-down of coal in major coal-using economies in order to mitigate climate change and other externalities of coal use.

Credible and feasible trajectories and policy packages for deep transitions in the coal sector will notably be developed in six major coal using countries. In four of them (China, India, Australia and South Africa), the domestic research partner was also member of the DDPP country team in DDPP phase 1, and the analysis in this project will build on the scenarios developed in DDPP phase 1 and refine them to provide more granularity on issues specifically related to coal.