On October 14th 2016, Henri Waisman (IDDRi) presented the DDPP main learnings at a conference in Lisbon entitled “The challenge of decarbonization”, on the invitation of the Portuguese think-tank Get2C.


Lessons from the DDPP were shared with a wide range of domestic policymakers – including the Secretary of State of Environment of Portugal Carlos Martins–, research institutions, NGOs and business representatives. It was an opportunity to present the methods developed by the DDPP network and to discuss how they could be adapted by local research teams working in countries not yet covered by DDPP. It was also the occasion to exchange views on the domestic benefits that can be derived from such analysis for the local decision-making processes.


This event in Portugal is illustrative of the approach developed by the DDPP regarding the expansion of the network. The key first step is to establish collaborations with local research partners in position and capacity to conduct the analysis for their country. And the DDPP can also play a key role in promoting the relevance and use of long-term approach to decarbonization and in helping to ensure buy-in, support and active participation of domestic stakeholders.

link to video of the conference on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG2yl6GL3ws