The German government is currently preparing a “Climate Action Plan 2050″
which aims at guiding the transformational processes to reach the country’s
long-term GHG emission reduction target (-80 to -95 % by 2050 compared to
1990 levels).

In this context the government has initiated a broad
participation process in summer 2015, asking federal states, municipalities,
associations and citizens to suggest suitable climate change mitigation
measures. On March 19, 2016 the stakeholders’ ideas for the Climate Action
Plan 2050 were handed over to Barbara Hendricks, the German environment
The Wuppertal Institute, which prepared the 2015 DDPP report for
Germany, organized the participation process together with the agency IFOK.

The Wuppertal Institute’s meta-analysis of deep-decarbonization scenarios
for Germany as part of the DDPP report helped it to consolidate the several
hundred separate measures proposed as part of the stakeholder process.