Analysis by the DDPP was highlighted in a open letter to US presidential candidates signed by 72 prominent scientists and energy experts. The December 7 letter, spearheaded by the Union of Concerned Scientists, urges candidates of both political parties to take an aggressive stand in combatting climate change. Recognizing the need for the world to reach zero net emissions this century, and the reality that developed countries must take the lead in this process, the scientists called on the US to achieve climate-neutrality by the year 2050.

“The global transformation of our energy system away from fossil fuels is both a moral imperative, grounded in science, and one of the greatest economic opportunities of our time,” says the letter.
The letter prominently cites analysis from two recent reports by the US DDPP Country Research Team, which demonstrate that a low-carbon clean energy future is technically feasible at a modest cost with no decline in energy services or economic growth.